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KAUAI ISLE REAL ESTATE     441 Papaloa Road   Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii 96746

Islander On Beach, Kapaa

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The Islander on the Beach is located within the Coconut Plantation Marketplace in Kapaa. 
This is an oceanfront development on six acres of land. The Islander on the Beach was a 
hotel, that has been converted to condominiums, so the rooms are all quite efficient (that 
equates to small) at 372 square feet of interior living area for the studio units. There are 
198 studio units and only 2 one bedroom units in the development and each has only one 
bath. Since this is located in the Coconut Marketplace there is lots and lots of shopping 
and dining within a very short walk. There are eight three story buildings within the 
development, but there are no elevators in any of the buildings. There is air conditioning 
in each unit. In the studio units, on the wall between the bathroom and the studio, there 
is a closet and a service bar area with a small counter top. In this service bar area there 
is a small under-the-counter refrigerator and a bar sink.

As of late 2004 this development is just coming up for sale. The developer has some plans 
for improvements to the grounds and to most of the units. Any pictures that we have do 
not incorporate any of the future plans of the developer as they obviously have not been 
completed. Pictures will be updated when, and if, the developer completes  them.

There will be many pictures coming very soon.






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