Kahala at Poipu Kai Condominiums, Pictures and Info on these and other Kauai Real Estate and Hawaii Timeshares.

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Kahala Condominiums, Poipu

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The Kahala condominiums are located within Poipu Kai in Poipu. 
There are a total of 82 units here on a land area of approximately five acres. 
This development was built in 1980 and there is a swimming pool and tennis 
court on the property.  These are one and two bedroom suites and there are 
no elevators. Also available here are barbeques and hot tubs. It is a short drive 
to the ocean or to shopping and it is only a short walk to a restaurant.

There are a total of nine buildings at Kahala. All of the buildings have eight
condominium units within them except for building three which has four.
Building seven is really two separate buildings but it is labeled as only one
building.  There are four units in each of these two, so building seven also
has a total of eight condominiums.  Are you confused yet ??  We are !!!

There is a greenbelt that runs through the Poipu Kai Resort and
there is a walkway that meanders along the greenbelt.  This greenbelt and
walkway are adjacent to the Kahala Condominiums.  This walkway ends
at Hoone Road, just across the street from Brennecke Beach.  From Kahala
it is a short walk through this greenbelt area to the sandy beach.

This development is located near the entrance of Poipu Kai.

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The buildings are situated so that they are not too near to each other:

Kahala_Poipu_Kai_Kauai_Hawaii_ext31.JPG (148925 bytes)




A quaint and unique setting for a condominium development ...

Kahala_Poipu_Kai_Kauai_Hawaii_ext5.JPG (91893 bytes)


Lots of mature landscaping creates a gentler atmosphere:.

Kahala_Poipu_Kai_Kauai_Hawaii_ext1.JPG (94114 bytes)


A close up view of a building with units at second and third level.

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