Kukui Grove Shopping Center


This is Kauai's only regional mall and it is located just south of Lihue on Kaumualii Highway. It is spread on over 35 acres of land. You can't miss it. The well known stores of Macy's, Long's Drug and Sears are all here, as is K-Mart and Borders Books and Music.   Scattered between these larger stores are many smaller stores and restaurants. There is fine dining and a bunch of fast food stores .... you've heard the names, most of them are here. There is also a four-plex theatre complex with all of the current feature films. Most of the time there is some kind of featured presentation going on at the Kukui Grove Center Stage area. Call to see what is happening or for other information.....call   808-245-7784.

From 2002 through 2005, Kukui Grove Shopping Center went through a major upgrade at a cost of over $15 million. The center has a totally new look that has given it a new and added vitality and allure to this center. The new owner (since December of 2001), Steve Case, has invested a lot of money into making this a top quality regional mall. It is the only such center on Kauai. 

As of 2005, this regional mall has been put on the market as for sale. If you would like more information, please call us at 808-822-9888.

Immediately adjacent to the Kukui Grove Shopping Center are a number of large lots that are zoned for commercial development. A number of these lots have been developed and there are a number of them that have not. Currently there is a Home Depot here and there is now a proposed Costco, along with a Costco gasoline facility. The proposed Costco is now being reviewed by the governmental agencies and once approved will be located next door to the Home Depot store. The Home Depot store has been very successful here on Kauai.



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