Marriott Kauai Beach Lagoons Timeshares, Pictures and Info on these and other Hawaii Timeshares & Kauai Real Estate.

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Marriott Kauai Timeshares

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The Kauai Marriott is an awesome facility.  You can really enjoy yourself here.
The units do not have full kitchens is one complaint (but they do have what we call
a kitchenette).  The property is a little too ostentatious for us is the other complaint.
Well, if that's the case for you, then it is probably not the place for you.  For everyone
else ... it's a great spot.  Those are the only two complaints that we have ever heard
about this luxury location.  We have more pictures here for this property than for any
of the other Timeshare properties.  They speak for themselves.  We have added only
some short labels.  You can't miss by being an owner here.  As with any TimeShare 
developer, the Marriott, would always prefer that you purchase from them as opposed 
to buying a resale.  They will even advertise the differences between buying from 
them as opposed to buying from a private owner.  

   WARNING:  Click here to see what they say and the answers to Save you money.

The Kauai Marriott Resort consists of many, many acres.   There is the Golf Course,
the Lagoons, the Buildings, the Tennis Courts and a whole lot of land scattered
about.  We have a map and a plat of this property that we can provide you, but for
now let's just break it down to simpler definitions so that you can get some bearing
relative to the below pictures.  This property is not all flat.  We will break it down as
consisting of three levels. 

         The upper level is where you will find the Front Entrance, the Parking,
         all of the Tennis Courts, the Golf Course, the Lagoons, the Health Club/Spa
         and a couple of Restaurants.  From here there is an escalator or elevator to:

         The middle level is where you will access the Main Courtyard, Check-in Lobby,
         the Convention Facilities, Restaurant, Shopping and access to most of the
         living units via elevators, also with a stairway down to:

         The lower level where the huge swimming pool with five jacuzzis are located
         along with the Beachfront Bar, Poolside Restaurant, Sandy Beach and other
         related fun activities.

A Birdseye view of only one and half of the main structures as located on the Bay:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Distance2.jpg (81364 bytes)

Upper level, turn in right here to valet parking (there is self parking too):

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Sign.jpg (91086 bytes)

Middle level after taking the escalator down, that is at the far end of this walkway:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Center9.jpg (89616 bytes)

Middle level at the Courtyard with lots of water, pillars, artifacts and waterfowl:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Center7.jpg (91892 bytes)

and waterfalls too:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Falls1.jpg (91785 bytes)


Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Center3.jpg (89080 bytes)


Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Center5.jpg (93715 bytes)


Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Center8.jpg (88950 bytes)


Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Falls2.jpg (95949 bytes)


Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Center2.jpg (91365 bytes)


Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Center1.jpg (91246 bytes)


Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Center6.jpg (84659 bytes)


Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_2.jpg (89187 bytes)


Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Center4.jpg (86630 bytes)


Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Pathway1.jpg (87840 bytes)

Lower Level (beach-side):

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Pool6.jpg (87469 bytes)

Lower Level:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Pool4.jpg (88631 bytes)

Lower Level:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_View1.jpg (94036 bytes)

Lower Level:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Pool3.jpg (92472 bytes)

Lower Level:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Restaurant_3.jpg (90630 bytes)

Lower Level (restaurant):

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Restaurant_2.jpg (82254 bytes)

Lower Level:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Restaurant.jpg (86071 bytes)

Lower Level (Beach Promenade):

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Beachwalk.jpg (88525 bytes)

Lower Level, with the ocean behind the picture taker:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_41.jpg (88876 bytes)

Lower Level:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Beach_3.jpg (91646 bytes)

Lower Level:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_3.jpg (89586 bytes)

Lower Level, entrance to elevator that goes back to Upper Level:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_ToUpper.jpg (89784 bytes)

Upper Level, covered walkway adjacent to all of the tennis courts:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Tennis_Walk.jpg (94107 bytes)

Upper Level, with a Center Court too:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Tennis.jpg (92891 bytes)

Upper Level, with Restaurant overlooking the little pool:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Terrace_Pool.jpg (91488 bytes)

Upper Level, restaurant:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Terrace.jpg (90959 bytes)

Upper Level, Golf Course check-in and Pro Shop:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Golf_Club.jpg (85663 bytes)

Upper Level, dock at the Lagoons:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Golf_Dock.jpg (88851 bytes)

Upper Level, Lagoons:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Lagoon_2.jpg (90494 bytes)

Upper Level, Lagoons:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Lagoon_1.jpg (92967 bytes)

Upper Level, Lagoons:

Marriott_Kauai_Hawaii_Timeshares_Golf_1.jpg (88310 bytes)

If you do not mind the luxury, this is a Great Place to own !!









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